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Ubuntu surpressed my NaNoWriMo ’08

Ubuntu 8.04 has the honor of being the main excuse for not writing enough in the NaNoWriMo ’08. So before telling about my experience with the writing event I can already report that I certainly won’t make it to the 50.000 words that are required to ‘finish’ succesfully. But maybe it helped me to – after many days of trying, reading and retrying – get Linux/Ubuntu running. After the installing came a long lasting and enjoyable task of looking what it all was about and of finding and trying out new programs for just about everything -including writing. Unfortunately the program I used to organize and write the whole NaNoWriMo project is Windows based and doesn’t work well in Linux (using Wine) and I have some difficulties getting the mail program and its todo-list and calender to work as I want it to.  The whole underlying structure of Linux and its possibilities are not very clear to me yet and it seems I have to run “sudo-apt install ‘some years of knowledge and experience’ ‘ somewhere before I truly can get to terms with it. So be it -because so far I like it.

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  1. Ian Mason says:

    Excuses, excuses! Remember that Stephen King once called pen and paper “the world’s best word processor”.

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