English Thoughts

Writers and Painters

I can have trouble taking myself serious when I paint or write, even to an extent that it often makes me stop doing what I want to do. I mirror my own thoughts onto others and think that many people have no idea that something like painting is actually working, it requires a lot of effort, training and planning. I see them happily thinking: “I want that too. Nice to do nothing all day and to paint a little when ever you want.”
I have the same thoughts about writing. It seems to be useless, something you do when ever you want and most of all, when ever you don’t have anything better to do. But just like with painting, writing also demands a lot of practice, effort, learning (reading) and planning.
I suppose that we are not so much used to people who take time to practice and think about something. People who are not satisfied with the strong pace of the stream of entertainment and information that bombards us every day. Even in a normal workplace there won’t be much time to plan, train and think about things, as it will be more about producing and making money. So the writer or the painter is operating in a niche of its own. The one being most of the time at or around home, apparently doing nothing but having fun with words and articles, or drawings and paintings.
Now it is up to me to convince myself that practicing, just thinking or reading and learning are all legal actions.