English Writing

On Freewriting

I can’t think of anything better in my life than entering the full screen word processor with a whole hour ahead of me. My fingers are often itching to get started. It must have something to do with acknowledging myself as my aim during this hour is to write whatever jumps to mind and in that way listen to myself.

Back in the nineties a friend once told me after I wrote him a letter, that it seemed as if I had some wire connected to my brain as he could not imagine to get such a stream of thoughts written down. I am glad I can.
My impression was that in this mood I am just talking to myself in an endless stream of thoughts and reoccurring ideas and worries and yet something seems to work well. I think it is mainly because of the writing style, there is nothing constructed but on the contrary, I actually try to type before having thought the thought.

Yesterday I was advised to continue concentrating on this ‘freewriting‘ as I call it in order to keep writing from the heart. I was thinking of separating time to write on the story I have designed for me but taking it out of my daily writing habit might result in writing too formally and too intellectual. The idea that was put forward was to try to implement working on my story during my freewriting hour.

I think this is totally right, I hate it when my writings become too formal as most of my former writings in Dutch were. I started writing in English to prevent this so I better keep concentrating on it.